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Shade Chaser places you in the role of Shade, a sprite whose heart has been tainted by the shadows. Shade must traverse three levels, finding an orb in each one and taking them to the portal to move on. However, every time Shade touches the light they take damage—and each time they die, the damage increases.


  • Stick close to the objects when in the shade if possible. Just because you're standing INSIDE a shadow doesn't mean it covers your whole body.
  • Moving diagonally can be faster than a straight line.
  • Don't jump unnecessarily—it can move you outside the shadow's protection!
  • The orb won't change location if you die. There are only three possible spawn points.
  • If you collect the orb and die, you'll still have it, so hurry to the portal!


ShadeChaser.zip 68 MB

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